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Pet Grooming Service Las VegasProper and regular grooming is important to the overall health of your pet. Clean pets make for healthier, happier pets, and at West Flamingo Animal Hospital we offer a full range of Pet Grooming / Dog grooming service in Las Vegas that will ensure that your pet looks as good as it feels. Our experienced, well-trained groomers enjoy seeing your pets at their very best almost as much as you will. Treat your pet to our “Bath and Brush,” which includes a special cleansing bath to remove dirt, debris, and extra hair as well as making your pet smell and feel fresh. For pets with dry, itchy skin, our medicated baths contain soothing agents that stop the itching and heal the skin. Once your pet’s fur is clean and skin is soft, we give him or her an expert cut, blow dry, and brush to get rid of loose, matted hair and leave your pet’s coat shining and smooth.

Our goal is to make your pet comfortable and happy during the grooming process while satisfying you with both the quality of care and appearance of your pet. For a “Full Groom,” our groomers will also trim your pet’s nails, de-shed the coat, perform an ear cleaning and plucking, express the anal glands, and style your pet according to breed, lifestyle, and any other specifications you may have. Whether you request a full groom or a bath/brush, our dog groomers use only high quality products appropriate for your pet’s skin and coat and accessories such as dog collars

The first thing our groomers will do when you bring your pet for a groom is talk to you and meet your pet to discuss the groom and any specifications or conditions that you or your pet might have.

Sedation for grooming, if necessary, requires a doctor’s appointment and your advance approval. Costs of sedation would be discussed during the time of the doctor’s visit.

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West Flamingo Animal HospitalWest Flamingo Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in Las Vegas, NV, and one of Las Vegas valley’s original critical care centers for animals
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