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Our clients mean the most to us here at West Flamingo Animal Hospital. We would love to here from you about your experience. If you would like to send us your thoughts, please fill out our Client Testimonial Form or submit a review.


Thank you so much for calling me the other night. It was so nice of you and I want you to know how much I am grateful for your wonderful care of Benjamin. I will miss him so much. He was a bundle of love.

God Bless,


Dr. Yach,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always caring for my Sophie. You’r the best and all your staff too. It means a lot to have a doctor who is as gifted and caring as you are. Hope you know how much you are appreciated.

With Love,

Rowena & Sophie

Teddy is a white Bichon Frise born 12-24-2006– purchased by Lillian Sutton-11-28-07. Named Odie the dog was physically abused by Lillian’s husband apparently hit with a broom. My daughter rescued the dog from her employee Lillian. I adopted Odie and named him Teddy.

Teddy has gotten over his fear of men. With love and patience Teddy has become a great little dog full of life. Teddy loves other dogs and children.

Thank you for caring for Teddy.

Teddy is now 6 years old and weighs 14.20 lbs.

We have been taking our pets to West Flamingo Animal Hospital for over 20 years. Dr. Yach is truly a compassionate vet. He always treats us as if he has all the time in the world during our appointments. We consider Chris Yach a friend and he always explains all of the options along with his suggestions thoroughly for Jordan’s health care. The staff is great, too. Thank you so much!

Branson, Dixie, Brandy, Mandy, Corky, Holly, Kissy, She, Stetson, Rocky & Rusty
Dear Dr. Yak I’m writing this to you from the bottom of my heart. I have traveled the world and meet all kinds of people. But I have never met any one as nice or compassionate as you. You have taken care of all our beloved babies. And that should be very proud of your self. Branson, Dixie, Brandy, Mandy, Corky, Holly, Kissy, She, Stetson, Rocky & Rusty. You’ve made it possible for them to live long and happy lives intern making us very happy of all the people i have meet in my life. I am proudest too have known you. My mom and dad thought the world of you. They are now gone and I felt compelled to let you know what an important part you have played in our lives .god bless you and we wish you nothing but the very best for all you do to help the wonderful animals on this planet. Love Jean Smith

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Willie, our Border Collie. He needed to be groomed and in the past has been so nervous he had to be totally sedated! You took such care and patience with him he was groomed without sedation and came home a happy, handsome dog. Thank you again.

My experience with (every visit) to west flamingo animal hospital has been extremely pleasant. the front office staff is so welcoming… they make me feel like my pet is the most important patient of the day! the wait is never long to see the veterinarians, who clearly enjoy their work and the animals! they are great at educating the pet owner (me) and are patient enough to answer all of my (sometimes silly) questions! the entire staff does everything they can to make my dog (and me) feel comfortable! i feel very confident that my dog is being given the best of care and not just rushed in and out! the convenience of a hospital that is open 24/7 is immeasurable. i am able to pick up medicine or drop off “samples” at any time. thank you to everyone! : )

We’ve been clients of West Flamingo Animal Hospital since 1993. Dr. Yach and his staff have been absolutely wonderful with all our pets over the years and treat them as if they were their own. Dr. Yach is an excellent veterinarian as well as a fantastic surgeon. We completely trust his opinion and love his common sense approach to treatment. Abby, our Golden Retriever of 12 years, had numerous medical issues from needing TPO surgery on her hips, knee surgery for torn cruciate, and various other procedures. Dr. Yach and his staff are completely qualified to handle any type of issue or surgery. They definitely go above and beyond with their care and treatment. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Jason & Chris Pudwill

Daisy Mae
Dr. Yach and the entire West Flamingo Animal Hospital are incredible. They truly care about your pet and LOVE animals. The ladies up front and Vet Techs, goo and gah over my puppy every time we are in! At about 11 weeks, my puppy lost ALL of her body hair, right down to the skin. It was very traumatic for us. Besides the two offices visits in a span of 7 days, Dr. Yach personally called to check up on our Daisy Mae twice! Within a week she had new hair growth and is a cute as ever now. On our final visit for puppy shots, the front desk ladies made a big deal about missing seeing Daisy Mae so regularily. The asked me in the most sincerest way, to bring her by occassionally so they could give her a squeeze and kiss. Thank you to all who touched my puppy the past few months and to all that will continue to as she pops by for grooming, nail clippings, twice a year check ups, and her spaying!

Macabre, Roxy and Harley
There is no vet I would trust other than Dr. Yach and his team of associates. Dr. Yach represents what every vet shoud and there is no doubt that he absolutely LOVES animals and would do anything to help them. He has been my vet since 2005 when I had my beloved Rottie Macabre. He also treated my English Bulldogs Roxy and Harley like they were his own. He now takes special care of Fenway and Boston, our snow white English bulldogs. You will always feel like your pets are Dr. Yach’s only patients when you are having a visit. He is diligent in his care and has such a loving character that your pets will always feel. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for all you do for our babies!!!!

I have been a client for 16 years. I have tried other vets in the Las Vegas area after having moved to Henderson and didn’t want to torture my cat with the long drive but have always been disappointed. When I first got Mirko he ate something he shouldn’t have and it got lodged in his intestines. He went days without eating and all the water he drank just pooled in his stomach. If it wasn’t for WFAH I don’t think he would have survived. They have an x-ray tech on site, an xray specialist on site, a surgical specialist on site etc etc. If it wasn’t for the fact that I could get xrays same day and examined by a specialist I don’t think he would have made it. Having a surgical specialist on site was also tremendously helpful. They operated next day and removed the blockage. My little guy was up and acting like his maniacal self the next day! I am positive that if I had taken him anywhere else, they wouldn’t have been able to figure it out because the item he ate did not show up on the first xray. The xray specialist figured it out because of all the water pooled in his stomach. I can’t thank them enough!

“We have been clients since 1993. Our golden retriever required numerous procedures including hip & knee surgeries. Dr. Yach successfully treated all her ailments. We love his common sense approach to medicine. We moved out of the state for a little over 3 years and we didn’t come close to finding a vet that gave as wonderful care as Dr. Yach. We were thrilled to come back to Vegas because we knew Abby & Rusty would get the best care in their senior years. Sadly, Abby passed in May. Dr Yach and his staff were incredibly caring and compassionate. We feel she got the absolute best care anyone could provide until the end.”

Cleo, Sunny and Kona
“WFAH is a huge part of our lives. We have been taking our pets to them for almost 12 years. We found them because we lived in the neighborhood, but now we live 50 miles out of Vegas and we still bring our pets to them because they are the best. Most of our friends who have pets take them to WFAH now too– including, we recently discovered, a neighbor who travels the distance for their pets as well and we didn’t even refer them! (You just know quality when you find it!) We recently lost our first cat, who took us to WFAH to start with. It was a really difficult time for us and everyone there was fantastic. We felt very cared for and looked after and we couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful staff to get us through some hard days. Thank YOU everyone at West Flamingo for keeping our family members healthy and happy! Kimberly and James– and Cleo, Sunny and Kona too!”

This is for the entire staff at W Flamingo Animal Hospital especially Dr Ley who showed me so much compassion today when I had to put my dog Keesha to sleep after almost 15 yrs with her. I want to extend my sincere thanks for all the care you gave Keesha from the time she was 9 weeks old until her passing today. This is a very difficult day for me but I would not feel right unless I extend my thanks to you all. Sincerely, Michale Silver

Garfield the cat was found wandering the back streets on the Las Vegas strip. A rescue group found him and we were lucky enough to be allowed to adopt him. He’s been a fat happy cat the last two years but decided to eat a plastic cap off his Emery Cat scratching board. Fortunately for us the doctors at West Flamingo were able to operate and literally saved his life when he stopped breathing while being anesthesized. We can’t thank the doctors and staff enough. He’s recovering well but we have to watch him carefully. So far we’ve caught him with a rubber band, a plastic bottle cap and the eye off one of the dog’s toys. He’s a stinker but we love him dearly!

Having worked with Coco for twelve of her thirteen years as a therapy pair and now home with her as I’m retired, we often seem bonded at the hip, but I never worry when I have to leave Coco at West Flamingo. Being a senior with diabetes, her visits are a bit more frequent and we have worked with all the vets and found each and every one knowledgeable, caring and very respectful of my concerns. Coco is never nervous and actually runs right into the hospital because she knows she will get such loving care. Thank you for helping me keep Coco healthy and happy and keeping me calm!

3/14/09 To the Clinic Staff: My deepest heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped my Baby, Max and I today. I was so afraid that my Baby was going to get his Angel Wings. Each of you was very kind and considerate. Dr. Ley was able to determine that my Baby was not ready for Angel Wings. God Bless Everyone @ WFAH! Carol White and Maxey

Name is carlos. Rascal our pet is a 5 month old pit/mix. Well March 1st/09 he got parvo. The doctors and there whole team of staff there very nice, honest, and most of all caring!!!!! They didnt try to tell us $300 to $500 just to see what was wrong, then another $1000 + to treat. We told them we didnt have alot of money but we had some. They treated our dog as if he were there own and explained before the money was gone what other treatments could be done to help him… Today is day 6. Rascal is now wanting to be his ol self again… spunky thing he is.. We as a family thank all of you at west flamingo animal hospital.. Love you all.. From the whole family.

Fond Memories
A few yrs ago my sweet little cocker spaniel was diagnosed with a spindle tumor on her neck. The vet I was seeing said there was nothing to be done and I would probably lose her within a year. I took her to the West Flamingo Clinic where she had surgery and the greatest care ever. She has a reoccurance of the tumor about 6 months later and it was again removed. She lived 3 more years and died peacefully at the age of 15. The clinic and the entire staff are fabulous. They truly care about you and your animals. I would never go any where else. They have cared for several of my babies over the years. Keep up the great work!

Pediatricians at West Flamingo
My family consists of 4 pupperoni’s and 6 katz. The “Pediatricians” of West Flamingo have cared for my entire family since we moved to Las Vegas 5 years ago. We have seen almost every Pediatrician, one time or another, and several doctors have treated my babies over and over again. All are very knowledgeable and honestly care for my babies. We have also used the groomers @ West Flamingo for both dogs and cats who have made my boys more handsome and my girls more pretty. Have no fear with taking your precious babies to this group!

Awesome Experience
AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! I needed a vet in a hurry and they were able to give me a same day appointment for a new patient. When we arrived, the staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Ley came in to see us and not only checked out the limp we were there for, but did a complete exam on the dog. I feel like she was very competent and took the time to talk with me. I highly recommend West Flamingo Animal Hospital for pet care.

Dot Blom
To ALL the doctors and everyone at the clinic, thank you so very much for the card and warm thoughts about my little Max. It meant so much and I’ll always treasure it. Molly seems to be doing ok alone–one happy dog no matter what! Thank you again–Dot Blom

Mary Calzat
I was first introduced/referrred to West Flamingo Animal Hospital in May 2005. At that time my black lab-Shadow-had been diagnosed with nasal cancer. Drs. Christoper Yach and Kim Selting treated her to the best of their ability. Though my Shadow didn’t survive and passed away in October 2005, I can honestly say the care, compassion & support I recd from the Drs & staff at West Flamingo was exceptional. In April 2007 shortly after adopting Mumbo, my 2-yr old golden-aussie blend had to have orthopedic surgery. Dr Yach performed the surgery and with SPECIAL THANKS to him Mumbo is getting around and about just fine now. Again the care from the Drs & staff were none other than SUPERB!!. If I hadn’t been referrred to West Flamingo I may have never known the type of special care and treatments available. It is above and beyond any clinic here in LV. Thank you Dr. Yach Mary Calzat

Nancy, JD & Sammie
My vet in Tucson recommended Dr. Gross of your hospital. After boarding my pets only once, I went in to pick up their meds and when I said my last name at the desk, a voice from a few feet away asked by name how my pets were doing. The fact that after one boarding weeks before someone knew their names (and connected them with my last name!) told me everything about their care and boarding. The voice turned out to be that of Curtis and you can bet that when I got home I told my pets that Curtis said hi!! Am so fortunate to have landed here!! Also appreciate how gentle Dr. Gross and the other Dr’s and staff have been with my sr. citizen cats. Thank you! Nancy, JD, Sammie

Sally and Paul Wexler
Doc Yach, Dr. Gross and all of the vets and staff at West Flamingo Animal Hospital, are the very best. Over the years we have had our dogs, Oscar, Molly, Milo, Duffy, Tashi (and the cat, Mr. Beets), cared for by West Flamingo. They are very loving to the animals and compassionate to the humans! We would never consider taking our pets anywhere else. Thanks, West Flaming! Sally and Paul Wexler

Dot Blom To Doctors
To doctors–Haggard, Ley, Yach, Miller and Dr. B–thanking all of you for what you have done/are doing for my little Max. I feel Blessed that you are all there and are so kind, helpful and compasionate. All the gals in the front office also, are always so courteous and kind. Dot Blom

Angel Day
My black female cat, Angel, shared 21 years of her life with me and finally came to the end of her journey on July 6, 2009. She could barely walk and her eyesight was gone but she hung in there as long as she could. I realized she was suffering and knew that it was time to have her put down. I called West Flamingo Animal Hospital and made the arrangements. Dr Yach was ever so gentle with her as well as dealing with my emotions and he processed her passing with all the tender love and care one could ever hope for. I can’t say enough good things about him and his love for animals. If you ever have to go through this ordeal, I highly recommend Dr. Yach. Even though the process was sad and emotional, Dr Yach kept it professional and showed the compassion all the way through it. I thank you, Dr Yach, for everything you did for Angel to make her passing a peaceful one. May God bless you and all of your wonderful staff @ WFAH. Cathy Day

A Happy Ending
Our dog became lethargic, then his legs and belly swelled up. He had lost large amounts of muscle and fat. I had to carry him into the vet. Dr. Gross showed compassion for our old dog and placed him on Lasix. Although his diagnosis was only a few days left to live, Dr. Gross, still did what she could to help him. It has been a year and a half now and he is active, happy and goes hiking once again. Thank you Dr. Gross!

We want to say thank you to Dr Yach and the staff of W.F.A.H. They went above and beyond any expectations we had in the surgery. Everything was handled professionally and ultimately our dog received the care she needed with great results. Thank You Dr. Yach – Cobey and Family

LJ Kurtzman
During our 5 years living in Las Vegas your facility was the best anywhere. Your attention to L.J. and your 24 hour staffing was so reassuring to know he was never alone during his hospitalizations. Two years ago we returned to Tampa and have never forgot the attention you give your patients. Even when he would pull his IV’s out you would smile about it. L.J. died today, 12/12/10 here in Tampa. He had just had his 17th birthday last month. Without your care and attention there is no way he would have ever lived this long. We mourn for him today, but will never forget his care at the West Flamingo Animal Hospital. My wife and I will always be indebted to your care for our “baby”. Thanks to all in your facility. Fred W. Kurtzman M.D.

Terry Feiner
Terry Feine
“I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Yach and the amazing staff at WFAH in 1991 when I first became a “mom” to “twin sisters”, Sugar and Spice. Sugar and Spice were about 2 months old when I first got them and the awesome professionals at WFAH care for us for more than 15 years for Sugar and 17 years for Spice. They were with me from the beginning and literally until the end as both Sugar and Spice passed in my arms at the hospital. I will never forget the loving care and support the staff provided over all those years to all of us. Now, after more than 2 years I am once again a “mom” – this time to “triplets” and I am returning as a client and ‘family member’ of this great place!!”

Lucky Bear Newton
I will never be able to say thank you enough to the staff/friends at West Flamingo for all the care and love they provided to my Golden, Lucky Bear Newton. Thank You for watching over him for so many wonderful years…thru his Chocolate Addiction Mishaps to Regular Puppy Care….thank you for loving him. -Misty Newton

Lily and Giana
Can’t say enough about the entire staff at West Flamingo. We live in summerlin, not exactly close to the clinic, we’d drive to Boulder City for great care of our dogs. We haven’t been blessed with healthy pets. Cancer, kidney failure, surgeries, digestive issues, you name, we’ve had it. We had to put our first dog, Lily down, what a dramatic situation that was for our family. They spent over an hour with us before we made the decision. Can’t say enough about them. – Phil

Bonnie and Chlo
I have been taking my dogs to West Flamingo Animal Hospital since 1996. In the last 15 years the continuity of excellent care and attention has never wavered. Dr. Miller and her staff are always caring and attentive to not only my dogs but to me as the owner. They have been with me when I have brought in my new dogs for it’s first visit or when I have had to say goodbye to a trusted friend. I never question any line of treatment or test recommended by Dr. Miller. I know that I am more than a number or a payment to hospital. Her primary concern is for the health and well being of my beloved pet. When I had to say goodbye to Belle and Grady through the last few years, Dr. Miller comforted me on a personal level and assured me on a professional level. The primary concern of the hospital is to make sure that the patients are living a full and productive life filled with good days and happiness. I would never hesitate to recommend this hospital to anyone looking for an animal hospital.- Debbie & Jim Fronczak

I want to thank all your staff for giviing Buster such exceptional care. Especially Dr. Ley for the warm concern for Buster and myself and the outstanding care given him. He is now doing fine. Thanks ever so much. – Robert Clough

We have been taking our pets to West Flamingo Animal Hospital for over 20 years. Dr. Yach is truly a compassionate vet. He always treats us as if he has all the time in the world during our appointments. We consider Chris Yach a friend and he always explains all of the options along with his suggestions thoroughly for Jordan’s health care. The staff is great, too. Thank you so much! – Ed and Donna Achrem

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