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Las Vegas Critical CareAs one of the original veterinary emergency hospitals in the Las Vegas valley, our doctors are experts in critical care and handling emergency situations that threaten your pet’s well being. After nearly 30 years in the veterinary world, our reputation is so overwhelmingly positive that other emergency Animal Hospitals in Las Vegas will transfer their emergency and critical cases to us so that our doctors can assess each situation with individual, pet-loving care and diligence. Get yourself and your pets ready in case of diaster and train to be safe.

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We maintain a staff of experienced technicians in the building around the clock to care for those critical cases who remain with us after hours. You can rest assured that your pet is being given the best of treatment overnight, and you can call at any time of the day to check on them. Patients are also offered the option of weekend care, especially if their needs extend beyond normal hours. We encourage extremely critical patients to be transferred to the overnight emergency clinics.

We also carry canine fresh frozen plasma and packed red blood cells.

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